Wet-Sleeve 9.4L Engines

The 9.4 L industrial engine has been made possible by the modification of another great Ford engine that has been manufactured for decades.  The Ford 460 cubic inch (7.5L) engine has been modified and enlarged, bringing it displacement to 9.4 Liters, or 572 cubic inches.  This is the real workhorse of our product line-up and is used in those applications where higher amounts of power are needed.

By installing multiple engines in parallel we are able to create large amounts of power numbering in the megawatts.  We will design special configurations to meet our customer’s needs.

Both new and rebuilt engines can be ordered with or without wet-sleeves.  Over 30 important modifications are made to each HEC engine, giving them added strength, efficiency and endurance.  This engine will normally be used in gensets of 98 kVA or higher power levels.  All HEC engines are built to industrial standards and engineered to run 24/7.