Wet-Sleeve 4.9L Engines

HEC has rebuilt the Ford 4.9 Liter, in-line 6 cylinder engine, with a twist.  The twist is that we have made over 30 improvements to the engine, including the design and installation of wet sleeves.  In addition, to this process we have cast new Oxx Power, 4.9L, engines in the image of the original Ford 4.9L engine, with improvements.  The 4.9L engine has been used as a workhorse in the industrial market for decades (1963-1996), and we are happy to once more bring it back into prominence.

At HEC the majority of these engines are being rebuilt as wet-sleeved engines, which allows the machines to be overhauled in place with significant savings of time and expense.  Over 30 modifications are made to each HEC engine, giving them added strength, efficiency and endurance.  The 4.9 L engine will normally be used with the 66 kVA generator or less, although higher levels of power can be reached with this engine utilizing a turbocharger.