Whether it’s a fleet of buses or a marine application, HEC strives to provide alternative solutions to current carbon-based engines. By using hydrogen as a fuel, emissions are nearly zero.  Water escapes the tailpipe rather than harmful clouds of pollution.  Initiatives are underway world-wide to reduce emissions and slow the green house effect.

One way you can help is by deploying hydrogen, natural gas, or propane engines into all applicable applications.  Since transportation is such a large consumer of energy on our planet, it has not been exempted from more stringent air quality standards. These requirements actually create an opportunity for HEC, since we are able to tune engines to efficiently run on alternative fuels such as hydrogen, natural gas, propane, anhydrous ammonia, syn-gas, and others, there-by reducing pollution and meeting air-quality standards.

The inquiries that we receive the most often are from bus companies.  These companies are desperately looking for an alternative to their belching, black-smoking, diesel-powered engines that are now powering their buses.

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