Propane (LPG)

Propane is a high btu-value gas or liquid, with approximately 2500 btu per cubic ft of gas (versus 1029 btu for natural gas) or approximately 92,500 btu per gallon (versus 115,000 btu for gasoline).  An advantage of propane is that it can be easily stored as a liquid at 177 psi, at 100 degrees F.  It can be stored at a much lower pressure than natural gas, and as a result more energy can be stored in a smaller space, with less difficulty and expense.

Propane is created when compressing natural gas, and most often is created as a by-product of the petroleum refining process.  It is the third most commonly used fuel in our society, behind gasoline and diesel.  The infrastructure for this fuel is established and it is widely used where natural gas is not available, such as in remote and rural areas.

HEC has developed engines that run on propane. Propane has properties which make it desirable as a fuel. We feel propane has many desirable properties that haven’t been properly realized by the “distributive power” industry.  Since propane has been under-utilized in our industry, our plans are to promote its use in powering propane-powered HEC gensets. High levels of power, in excess of 200 kW with a single genset, can be delivered by utilizing this important fuel.  Feel free to contact us with your requirements using our online form, by email or call us 515-295-3178.