Power Generation

HEC pioneered the use of hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines in power generation equipment.  These near-zero emissions electric power sources fulfill a role originally seen for fuel cells, but without their high acquisition costs.

Our objective has been primarily to serve the industrial “distributive power” industry.  We have been serving that portion of the industry that uses “alternative fuels” such as hydrogen, natural gas, propane, syn-gas, anhydrous ammonia, and any other reasonable fuel. We are a “green energy” provider.  As a corporate entity our objective is to make our stockholders money; however, at the same time contributing to the “green revolution” and helping the world create a cleaner atmosphere.

Stranded power may be recovered through the use of hydrogen-fueled power generation systems. For example, when windy conditions cause wind turbines to produce electricity during off-peak times, the excess electricity can be stored as hydrogen produced with electrolysis, then applied back to the grid through the hydrogen-fueled HEC generation systems.  Hydroelectric, wind, solar, and wave power shed their time-of-use limitations when combined with HEC hydrogen-fueled generators.

Industries generating excess hydrogen can improve the bottom line by reducing energy costs.  Instead of flaring the hydrogen, they can turn it into electric power using HEC hydrogen-fueled gensets.  Our 2-pole generators come in 66, 98, 188, and 250 kVA sizes, and our patented connecting hub, allows us to run our systems up to 3600 rpm’s, producing more power with one genset than competitors.  We are able to offer single or three-phase power at 50 or 60 Hz.  For more information regarding our power generation system capabilities, spec sheets, and sales information, feel free to contact us using our online form, by email or call us 515-295-3178.