Natural Gas

Natural gas, having a high btu-value, is mostly comprised of methane (CH4), coming from either natural gas or oil wells, where petroleum is being produced.  With the development of fracking and other technological breakthroughs, huge reserves of natural gas have been discovered in all parts of the world.  An example of this is the huge discoveries of oil and natural gas in Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana, in the United States.

Even though when natural gas is used, carbon dioxide is created.  However, with natural gas, the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants is significantly reduced versus the use of diesel or gasoline.  As a result, there is a massive transition to natural gas, particularly from diesel fuel. This is probably a interim step for our economy on its way to a “hydrogen economy”.

HEC has had many hundreds of natural gas engines in the field for years.  Again, we are able to reach higher power levels of 250-300 kW with a single spark ignited, internal combustion, engine.  As with any of our gensets, we are able to provide megawatts of power by “paralleling” multiple  gensets!

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