HEC produces electrical power with 66 kVA, 98 kVA, 188 kVA, and 250 kVA generators.  We normally run the engines powering these 2-pole generators at 3600 rpm’s in the U.S. and 3000 rpm’s in most international markets.   We are happy to use 4-pole generators upon request, which will run at 1500 rpm’s (international) or 1800 rpm’s (U.S.)

HEC has received a patent on a special connecting hub which makes it possible to run our engines at 3000 or 3600 rpm’s.  The HEC patented “connecting hub” creates a barrier for our competitors, since they would have to violate our patent to run their gensets at this speed.  Most competitors run their gensets at 1800 rpm, producing half of the power, giving HEC a price and footprint advantage.

We have developed the largest, internal combustion, spark-ignited, hydrogen engines.  Imitators have found it nearly impossible to stop their hydrogen engines from backfiring at high loads.  HEC experienced the same problem, finding it almost impossible to solve.  After a great deal of time and expense, a breakthrough was made, making it possible for us to design and manufacture a unique manifold, which solved the problem.

This patent-pending innovation, makes it possible for HEC to produce large amounts of power (200 kW with hydrogen; higher power levels with natural gas or propane), not possible without the new manifold.  This innovation will work with any ICE with an even number of cylinders, having more than two cylinders.  Adding to the importance of this new discovery is the estimate that it will increase the power of these engines from 4-8%, regardless of the fuel being used.

The generators we use are purchased from outside suppliers and meet the highest industrial standards.  We are able to provide single or three-phase power, DC or AC.  Each of our Spec Sheets details more specific information, depending upon power levels and the customer’s requirements.