Airport Service Vehicles

HEC Engines are available for various types of ground support equipment vehicles and products.  Our 4.9L engines serve as replacements for older 6-cylinder, 4.9L engines that have run their course.   The 4.9L Ford engine has been used successfully for decades in ground support equipment.

The aviation industry, as a whole, can benefit from the ability of Oxx Power engines to run on hydrogen.  For instance, HEC’s 4.9L engine is a solution for baggage tractors which may be required to operate in enclosed or confined spaces.  Near-zero emissions from a hydrogen-fueled engine provides a safe alternative to carbon-based engines.

Thousands of ground support vehicles are powered by 4.9L engines that are nearly worn out and have been overhauled for the last time.  HEC has developed a 4.9L wet-sleeve engine that will replace the worn out engines.  When an overhaul of the replacement 4.9L, wet-sleeve, engine becomes necessary, the sleeves can be pulled and replaced with new wet-sleeves, quickly returning the vehicle to service.

This procedure can take place quickly, efficiently, with less expense.  The overhaul can actually be accomplished without removing the engine.  These 4.9L blocks can be reused over and over again solving the long-term  problem of the engines ever wearing out.

In addition, to providing the wet-sleeve replacement kits, we will maintain a inventory of all of the supplies and parts necessary to support your 4.9L engines.  You can contact us for more information using our online form, by email or call us 515-295-3178.