Oxx Power engines provide solutions to the pressures of government mandates to reduce emissions while supplying a needed power source.  In California alone, thousands of diesel engines have been forced into retirement to comply with the Diesel Risk Reduction Plan.  Users of agricultural equipment may use Oxx Power Engines to reduce emissions.  Irrigation, with the pumping of water, is one of the largest consumers of energy on the farm and ranch. Our engines provide more eco-friendly power to do this work.

Oxx Power engines have the capability of running on a multitude of fuels, including hydrogen.  If hydrogen is not feasible for your application at this time, HEC engines will run on natural gas, propane, gasoline or ethanol until the time is right to convert to hydrogen.

HEC’s engines and gensets are built to meet the demands of the 21st Century, by providing energy created from cleaner/greener alternative fuels.  You can contact us for more information using our online form, by email or call us 515-295-3178.