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We have named our company
“Hydrogen Engine Center” for a reason.

HEC is one of the pioneers in bringing HYDROGEN ENGINES, to industry!  In fact, in 2004, HEC introduced the first production, hydrogen-fueled, spark ignited, internal combustion engine for industrial use. Today, we are running much larger industrial engines on hydrogen. We believe we have the largest hydrogen, spark ignited, internal combustion engine in the world.

At HEC, one of major objectives is to be unique! We want to be able to react by matching our product line to current market needs, particularly by generating power in the distributive power industry, using alternative fuels. In the next section under “HEC Products Are Unique”, you will be able to understand some of the special enhancements we have made to distinguish our products. Learn more about the industrial engine history and HEC.

Products We Offer


    • What kinds of things does HEC do to make their gensets able to work 24/7?
      The generators we use are purchased from a company in Italy, which we consider to be the best in the world. These generators should operate faultlessly without any maintenance for 20 years or more. We rebuild proven Ford 4.9L and 7.5L engines making  over 30 improvements and also manufacture new engines...
    • Do you only work with customers in the U.S.?
      We work with potential customers in any place in the free world where shipping of our gensets is not restricted by the U.S. government....
    • What kind of terms should be expected?
      On smaller orders, we need to have advance payment of the purchase price.  With larger orders, a minimum of 50% is expected with the P.O., with 25% in 45 days, and the balance upon shipping....
    • What kinds of ordering intervals can we expect?
      Typically, it takes from 14-16 weeks depending upon the number of gensets and the complexity of the order, before shipment can be made.  Shorter intervals may be possible if the genset or components are in inventory....