HEC-TINA Plans to Start Work in Africa

Ted Hollinger, President and CEO of HEC-TINA, will fly to Cabo Verde, Tuesday, June 20, to follow up on an important meeting that was held May 26, 2017, in Cabo Verde, where the “100% Brava” project was met with a great deal of positive enthusiasm .  Ted will meet personally with some of the important dignitaries that attended: and he will assist in finalizing funding for the “100% Brava” project.   He will meet up with John Cornish, Project Manager and Julio Rodrigues., President of Cape Verde Wind.  Julio is the entrepreneur and promoter of this project.  Ted will be returning to the U.S. on June 27.

Below is a narrative of the account of the May 26 meeting that was printed in a local newspaper:

“Brava 100% Renewable “is the theme of a project to be presented, this Friday, 26, at CERMI (Center for Renewable Energies and Industrial Maintenance), in Palmarejo Grando (in Praia City).

The event will be chaired by the Minister of Economy, José Gonçallves, with the presence of Donald Helfin, Ambassador of the United States of America (USA) in Cape Verde, as well as US engineers, specialists and companies, who will present the technology And the “Cape Verde Wind” project.

Cape Verde Wind, a private company of the Cape Verdean emigrant in the USA, Júlio Rodrigues, recently presented to the Government of Ulisses Correia e Silva, a project in the area of ​​energy, which aims to transform Ilha da Brava into “100% Renewable “, still in 2017.

Júlio Rodrigues’ project also has “other important components”, namely: training and qualification of national technicians in CERMI, presentation of the experimental prototype of container systems for training, research and their use in remote areas, for the production of electricity.

“It is seen as a business opportunity for the country, above all for the possibility of exporting this technology to our continent, within the framework of the ‘Power Africa’ program promoted by the USA, where Cape Verde can attract American investment and establish itself as a platform for Production and export of products and services related to renewable energy, “reads the Government’s Note, sent to the Press.”

With the successful completion of the Brava Project, it is anticipated that multiple additional projects on Cabo Verde will become available.  In addition, we look forward to working with ECOWQS to establish a demo project at their offices (on Cabo Verde), so its 15 African member nations can have direct access to the technology.  It it anticipated that, that the Cabo Verde projects will greatly exhilarate our opportunity of becoming a participant in “Power Africa”.

Ted Hollinger said “Africa could become an important part of our company’s future”. More information will be provided as a result of what Ted Learns in Cabo Verde.